Monday, December 26, 2011


Enjoying my new gifts. My husband surprised me with a new camera, a Canon Rebel T3, and a new house, the Neville house from CB2. Score!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday. We are all recovering from a flu, but are enjoying all of our fun gifts. There were muppet puppets, barbie pools, barbie tents, legos, playmobil, and all kinds a goodies. We woke up way to early, 4 a.m. for the kids. They couldn't make us get out of bed until about 5:30. Nuts, but the squeals and anticipation forced us to roll out of bed.
Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!


  1. My kids used to wake up far too early for me on Christmas day too. I was like a zombie while they were opening their presents.
    I love your Neville house x

  2. Thank you so much Kylie! Yes I'm still recovering ;)