Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A New Schedule/Orange Chicken Lo Mein/ Etsy Likes

As our summer winds to an end, I've decided a new schedule must get in order. This summer I have been quite lazy as far as getting out of bed before all the critters converge on my room. I am just not an early bird. But I want to change this. The new schedule must start out at 7:00 a.m. No more 8:00. I officially started this today. Wake at 7:00, excercise for about 40 minutes, get a cup a', start the dishes (if not done the night before), kids are playing, make breakfast, vacuum, make beds, let the dog out, start school by 9:30.
I already feel better, and more awake to take on the day. We still have this week to finish out summer. I've ordered all of our new workbooks and wrote out some projected lesson plans. We start Latin this year, which I'm pretty excited to learn myself.
I made orange chicken lo mein last night. It was quick and easy. One reason being, I used La Choy orange chicken stir fry sauce. I didn't make it myself.
I used about 1 pound and 1/2 of chicken cooked in a few cloves of garlic. Chopped red pepper and onion. I cooked some frozen brocoli. Whilst I started boiling lo mein noodle, key to give the chinese taste. Once the chicken is cooked almost all the way , toss in your chopped red pepper and onion. After that cooks a bit about 5-6 minutes put a cup of the La Choy orange and ginger stir fry sauce. Let that stew for a few minutes and thickens up. Once it has thickened throw in your drained brocoli and your cooked noodles and toss. I have to say, it was quick, easy, and delicious. I am trying to come up with healthy yet fast meals for the school year.
I know I'm weird, but I really do love to slave in the kitchen. It's fun to learn new techniques, and try new meals.

I love Etsy for all the amazing artists of all sorts.
Love these earrings! I haven't worn earrings in about 2 years, yikes, but these colors by Toshisworld

I can't get over how amazing these necklace are by megjroberts

I absolutley love these espresso cups by jimbobart!

I love anything in mini form so when I saw this mini viking ship in a bottle by "tiny world in a bottle" I couldnt' believe my eyes!

Have a great day!

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