Friday, July 1, 2011

It's Friday? See, Hear, Taste!

Wow, this summer is keeping me busy. We have been hitting the park early in the day and then we are kind of wiped out and do some reading, watching "Inspector Gadget", and eating alot of cool things. Ice cream sandwichs are the choice right now. They really are quite delicious.
Here's some things I like this week! I have never heard of "City and Colour" but I think this is my new favorite song called "The Girl." Listen you love it.

I don't how I came across this little parakeet , but I really want to make one. Love this!

found here

If you haven't visited Mitchymoo Miniatures, you have to see the beautiful piece she made form someone. It will stun and amaze you. It's a cabinet shelf unit with a fifties or sixties style. Wow!

This week I have been working on some more drawings and water colors. I even made time for my Danbo.

I have really been in the mood for coconut macaroons. I think might attempt to make some this week. I get recipes delivered to my email each day, and this one struck my fancy.
Oh my goodnes I forgot, when I was in Chicago I had 'Mango Sticky Rice.' I have never had this before, and I have not stopped thinking about it's amazingness. It was like the ultimate comfort food. I went in search for a recipe and found one that I think I might try.
It's fourth of July weekend. Not sure what our plans are, but it's a three day weekend! Have a great Friday!

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