Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Well Hello..

"Ladies First."

We had a really nice weekend. We decided we would take a little road trip and visit the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln. It is just about an hour away, and it was a gorgeous day to visit, with temperatures in the seventies. We visited a little hometown restaraunt in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and then headed the park. I think Abraham Lincoln was one of the most amazing presidents we have had to date.

This we have our homeschool spring break. It's been nice just playing and enjoying th weather we are getting. I can't believe it will be summer before we know it.
We take all the typical breaks that schools do. We need breaks too ;)

Yesterday I was super excited to spot a tomy smaller homes kitchen set, new in the box on ebay. Better yet, it was a buy now. I don't have much luck with bidding, usually goes above and beyond what I want to spend, but this was the perfect price, and still in the box, crazy! I have been looking for one for sometime and this was the perfect fit.
I finished cut out my pieces for a bed for my house. I just have been too busy to do the staining of the wood. but I can't wait to do it. It is a bit trickier than what I expected, but I'm not willing to give up. I know over time I will get the hang of it.
I am planning on making a little coffee table as well.

Okay, we are having too much fun checking on the little eaglets in Norfolk Virgina on the live feed. You can watch the nest of a bald eagle family. There are three chicks in there. You get to see them eat, and interact. It's quite amazing. Here's the link. It's quite addicting to watch, if your a nature person. The kids love it!

Have a great Tuesday!

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