Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Over And Out

Do you ever have one of those days where you feel like saying, "Over and Out." By this I mean, your just tired, don't feel like doing much, and want to sneak back in your covers. While I had a good day, not anything disasterous happened, we played at the park, I worked on some dollhouse related things, I just feel tired. Like I need a tropical vacation. Some days are busy as a mom to three. Dishes, meals, baths, playing, cleaning, stopping fights, falling asleep while reading books, oh, yes and teaching my seven and four year old. I don't want this time to go too quickly when they are little, but then I also look forward to the quiet time when they go to bed. Do you hear me here? I guess this is just a busy time of my life. I think I'm just feeling a bit overwhelmed. I think that all goes with being human. I just finished a book tonight called "Girlfriend In A Coma" by Douglas Coupland. The book starts off a bit slow, makes you wonder what the point of getting to know all these characters are and their messed up lives. Then by the end, I was in a whoa state. After feeling overwhelmed with my day and reading the ending of this book, it really made me put things into perspective. The narrator of the story asks some questions, I won't give too much away, here's a few.

Why do people not particularly care about their ancestors more than three generations back?
How can we begin to think of the future as something enormous before us that also includes us?
Why are we unable to think of any real future beyond a hundred years from now?

The answers to these really to me boil down to one thing. I, along with most people think about the here and now. Which is human, we have to a certain degree. But there comes a certain point where we have to care about what our ancestors left behind and what we will leave behind in the future. How will my here and now affect my then. Sometimes days go by in a blur, busy, going from one situation to the next. I want to think about what impact I will have on my kids, my future grandchildren, and the world as a whole.
Wow, I think I just put my whole day into perspective. I think I blew my own mind.
I'm not always serious on my blog, but every now and again, I like share a piece of whats going on in this brain of mine.

I finished a dollhouse bed. I did a basic modern style. I used a dark stain for something different. I even carved the little legs. I love the legs on furniture from the fifties and sixties. So that is what I wanted for my bed. The pic at the top is my bed.
Okay, hopefully I didn't scare you away. Have a great Wednesday evening!


  1. Your little bed is amazing! I love it!

    And no you didn't scare me's hard work being a Mum (and home schooling your children too! You must be a saint! I have enough drama trying to get my youngest to do her homework!)

    And I get what you're saying. Not enough time to make a proper comment though x

  2. Oh thank you so much Kylie! It's nice to know their are others mommy's out there that understand. Just to get things off your chest, and not feel like your the only one who feels this way. ;)

  3. It's so cool that you made that dollhouse bed!!

    I am so amazed, probably because I am the least crafty person alive.

    The Cat Hag