Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Vintage Finds

I am a collector of all things vintage. I love things that tell a story. I have a bit of a obsession with old phones and old typewriters. I like things with numbers and dials. I shop at thriftstores, garage sales, and flea markets. I have to say my best bet is the thriftstore. Usually they don't want something that is rusty or old. A recent find of my was the old toy cash register I found at a flea market. It cost me just $12. I thought that was a find. Once again keys and buttons. My house is filled with rusty old adding machines, childrens typwriters, cash register, dial phones, and old children's toys. I love going to a garage sale to find a box of old toys thrown about that someone just wants to get rid of because they are taking up space. I imagine the shelf or table that they would perfectly accent. I have three little ones so old things with buttons are very appealing. I do let them fiddle with the buttons. They were onced played with or used but have since been discarded and unneeded as technology has progressed. As you can imagine I love shows like "Antiques Roadshow" and of recent "Pawn Stars." I love seeing where the person found something or how it was passed down. I always think though, "Don't get rid of it, it is a piece of history." But if I found an old vase I wasn't attached to and it was worth 20 grand, I may reconsider. I have a little toy that sits next to me as I write that many people may wonder why I keep. It is a little girl made of plastic with a broken off hand. But when you flip her over and take a peak you can see the metal mechanism that moves her arms, legs, and makes her eyes blink all at the same time. I can't get over how she works, even if she is missing a hand. The way she was crafted is much more fascinating.

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