Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Christmas Gift

My very thoughtful husband surprised me with "My Double" by Dritz . He loves to add to my hobby. Well various hobbies. But I do love to sew. I love to make my own shirts and customize them to my size, the exact material I want to use, and make it my own. I love how you can change the frame to your size. So cool. I have a shirt that I have pinned to my bulletin board, its McCalls 5929. I have a thing for ruffles and when I found this pattern this year I knew that this would be my next to make. I have been busy this winter but I planning on getting to work on this one shortly. Hancock Fabric has some killer after Christmas sales this week which I plan on hitting up today. I love to stock up for the future. It definitly pays off. I know the types of fabrics I like to sew with as I have matured in my sewing skills so I head for those sales quickly. I love plaids. I always have, and am even more excited since they have become more popular recently. I love to make skirts but I have learned since I have three children that I very rarely wear skirts so I have turned to make shirts, which I find much more satisfying. The shirt is the basic staple of your outfits, and when you make to your exact specifications, it is all the more gratifying.

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