Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Etsy Showcase Today!

I have an Etsy Showcase today! I do hope that it might spur some interest in my clutches and purses. I do so enjoy making them and using various vintage fabrics. I have been working on some other projects I hope to put in the shop soon , but I have yet to reveal. I need to do some tweeking. Let's just say, they have a story to tell. I have so much fun coming up with ideas for new items. These items in particular I am excited about just to see what people think. I am working on a new purse right now that I am using some beautiful vintage upholstry. It has so many colors of fall in it. I am taking my time in designing it. It is a new style that I have designed. With my son's homeschooling school year on the go , I am working a little bit slower. I hope I can pick up the pace with the holidays. It is tricky because I have to make time for home-ade halloween costumes and my gifts for my family and friends. I love making things rather than going to the malls and finding something that the quality is so mass produced it doesn't last very long. Have a wonderful day!

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