Thursday, March 22, 2012

What's Been Happening?

I got the Re-ment systems kitchen. I was starting to get worried I may regret not getting it. I love the cooking and kitchen aspects of Re-ment. The amount of gadgets, counter space, and sheer genius in the design on a miniature scale blew me away! Love it!

I received a wonderful package from one of my Flickr friends Snikey! She is so dear to pay attention to a comment I had left about how much I love the miniature "Le Creuset" magnets. And she sent one! Amongst other miniature goodies. The gals I have met through collecting Re-ment is just awesome!

The kids and I made a Leprachaun trap for St. Patrick's Day. He outsmarted us, but he did leave us a bit of a rainbow, Skittles!

We have been enjoying the unseasonable weather. So fire up the grill. I made some garlic naan bread, tzaziki sauce, grilled tomatoes and onions, and marinated chicken in a marsala mix. It was delish!
Things have been quite busy in these parts. We are looking forward to taking a break here at the beginning of April. I am planning on working on some embroidery again for my etsy shop. I've taken a bit of a break this winter, but have been asked to make some more pieces. I do love it and can't wait to make some new pieces.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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