Sunday, November 22, 2009

Crafty Craftiness

I have been getting in the holiday spirit this weekend crafting up all kinds of stockings. I love little forest creatures. What most would call rodents (and technically they are) I think are cute and adorable. I love the idea of little raccoons, skunks , and foxes kissing under mistletoe. I have had alot of fun working on these. I sold my first fox stocking, so I made another one in a citreen color for a change. I just ordered some metal zippers online the other day, and I am so excited to use these for my change purses here soon. You just can't find metal zipper's anymore, and I got 40 zippers for 10 dollars. Not too shabby considering they are almost 2 dollars each at the fabric stores . The colors are very vintage as well. It is amazing that I'm getting giddy about zippers. But crafting is a part of my life. Zippers and all. I plan on getting out my Christmas decor this week. I must climb in the deepest part of my closet. I anticipate boxes falling on my head, the smashed toe and or finger, well chaos. Nothing like the holiday spirit. Really though, I do love the holidays. I absolutely love vintage Christmas decorations. I usually search the thriftstores around this time to find some vintage goodies. Oh yes, I have had this Japanese handbag book for awhile now, and I find much inspiration from this book, considering I don't speak Japanese. I plan on making the bird change purses as gifts this year for the girls in the family. The pictures are such an inspiration. Oh yes I found this other book that I must have "Patchwork Style." This book is Japanese , but is translated in English. The projects have a Scandinavian flare which is seen through the colors in the pictures. From sewing for a few years now, I can look at alot of the diagrams and figure things out, but reading it , well, would make it quite easy to understand. If you have not had much experience with Japanese craft books, the photography alone will get you intrigued. They make sewing so inspiring. Alot of these books you may not be able to find her in the states , unless you live close to a store called Kinokuniya. I do not live close to them, but I call their bookstore and order on the phone. They are so extremely helpful. I have had them order from Japan, books that they didn't have in the store, and their international shipping is very cheap. They can order anything. I love this store.

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